Even today and within all Christian churches, it is too often supposed that piety satisfies God and that conversion applies to the acceptance of particular Dogmas, traditions, and propositions respecting a given worldview. In this way a thousands and millions of Christians prove that  at bottom they are pagan. Ernst Kasemann


It it has also to be considered however that the readiness required of us must really be readiness for joy.  To be joyful is to expect that life will reveal itself as God’s gift of grace, that will present and offer itself in provisional fulfillments of its meaning and intention as movement. To be joyful… Continue reading Joy

Ernst Kasemann on truth and faith

Where it reads “I am the truth”, faith is not tied to a doctrinal system but to a person. Salvation does not consist of one’s believing something but in having a Lord whom one follows, from and toward whom one lives.  “On being a disciple of the crucified Nazarene” page 35

Kasemann on the righteousness of God

It is a political fact that there is global conflict over to Christianity, that individuals, groups, parties, concessions, and world wide communions are involved in erecting walls against each other that do not even allow common celebration of the Lord’s supper.  Economic, cultural, and military interest foster dissension on earth, but no less so do… Continue reading Kasemann on the righteousness of God