You believe what you want to believe.

Very often one reads only want one already believes, and great poverty of Christianity stems not least from the fact that it always or mostly finds in the Bible what it already knew, this actually intends self confirmation. It is no longer known that the gospels are collections with a thousand fold variety of tradition. There is refusal to hear that God does not say the same thing to the parents, children, and grandchildren, to the point that he might be replaced with a phonograph record. It is denied that the Spirit is critical and engages in criticism, because self criticism is not allowed. Finally, many biblical utterances are not known it all because they are not understand or skipped over. For each of us the Bible is and remains an unknown book in which something new is continually discovered.

On Being a Disciple of the Crucified Nazarene, p.103-4.  Ernst Kasemann




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