Reflections from Kasenamm

When will we wholeheartedly agree that the truth of the gospel consist in the freedom we desire for our own conduct of life and not merely concede but actually bring to others? 2. will we acknowledge that in Christianity uniforms are not appropriate but that various types of behavior have a place, and that in this very fact evangelical freedom becomes visible on earth? 3. do we thus remain in the ecumenical church, which is not a closed society such as a political party but, as a community of Jewish and Gentile Christians, remains open to all persons and their traditions? 4. do we know that Christian freedom must be maintained and defended in conflict, and are we personally prepared to shoulder and suffer its risks? 5. do we keep sufficiently in mind the discipleship may not be limited by authorities and privileges, and that inherited, or, say, Confessional doctrine cannot avoid continual testing? The universal priesthood of believers knows only one ultimate and unbreakable rule: Jesus is the living Lord, and he rules his community through His Spirit and promises it ever anew his revelation and its understanding for the changing situations of our life. Are we ready to hear him ever anew, or are we living from in by our dogmatic canned goods?


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