It it has also to be considered however that the readiness required of us must really be readiness for joy.  To be joyful is to expect that life will reveal itself as God’s gift of grace, that will present and offer itself in provisional fulfillments of its meaning and intention as movement. To be joyful means to look out for opportunities for gratitude.  To be glad in the sense required as distinguished already from vain and empty and evil pleasure by the fact that it is the hope for receiving and not the covetous glance at a grasping, At an event to be enacted and established by ourselves, as a condition which we shall construct in someway and was some kind of apparatus. We stand here before the dangerous clip of every willed joy. In true joy there can never like great for small enterprises to make it possible, to the parent and accomplishment.  And it is in this inward and indeed outward preparation that joy is usually experienced most intensively as the joy of anticipation.  But we must consider carefully the real joy comes in is present like the Holy Spirit. Indeed, it is really when the Holy Spirit comes in this present that one expresses true joy.  But this means that joy comes in is present as it lists, and no one knows when she comes up with her goals. We can create opportunities for it in anticipatory joy, but we cannot create or construct or produce a force of the various plans and measures. When Joys prepared without remembering this is this do at length arrive and are experienced,  unless a miracle happens, they are spoiled.  There stillbirths or miscarriages. They are not periods of rest before gratefully acknowledged and experienced fulfillments but restless continuations of life as toiled and striving. They’re not sweet but bitter to the taste. They do not call for duration but basically only for swift and merciful passing. They are not voices in the desert, but themselves desert. 



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