Kasemann on the righteousness of God

It is a political fact that there is global conflict over to Christianity, that individuals, groups, parties, concessions, and world wide communions are involved in erecting walls against each other that do not even allow common celebration of the Lord’s supper.  Economic, cultural, and military interest foster dissension on earth, but no less so do religious and intra-Christian conflicts. Non-Christians can thus play us off against each other, can heighten the conflict of worldviews with Christian support, to give title and space to a worldwide polarization reaching into families, even with the support of Bible interpretation, such as in the Synod and congregations In the region of Baden-Wurtemberg, or as in South Africa, where racist fanaticism of a particular white Christianity treads human rights underfoot.

On being a disciple of the crucified Nazarene. page 17-18


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