Excerpt from “Jesus Means Freedom”

“Their wish is not to conquer the world, but to defend their Lord’s claim to the earth, and they die in doing so. Their aim is not the overthrow of the existing order, but the testimony that he who makes all things new is on the way. They are nothing else than the Creator’s deputies in a world given to apostasy, and so they have to deal with those who have set up in their own name against the Lord, who do not regard power as a mandate from the Creator, and who therefore misuse it. Thus far, Christians who accept the call to resistance are not simply witnesses to God’s reign and tokens of its realization. They are at the same time representatives of a misused creation, the spokesmen of all who are oppressed, the people of the desert who remind everyone that Egypt must finally be abandoned, and that salvation is to be found only in the exodus.” p.140


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