Excerpt from “Jesus Means Freedom” by Ernst Kssemann

It is hard, church of Jesus, to be a Christian; one always has to fight on two fronts, even if the center of one’s theology and devotion is rightly defined. The question is not whether we know our way about, but whether we turn that knowledge, however much or little, to good account. I hear someone object that that would mean laying the stress on the performing of works; and of course that is possible. I only wish we would finally rid ourselves if superstition, and allow right knowledge to be the deciding factor.  The fear of works, which sometimes seems to be all that remains in Protestantism from the reformation, must not lead uedess to fall back on nothing but theology and idle talk.  It would certainly be better if we knew a great deal less and lived out a modest amount of knowledge a great deal more. After all, Jesus called disciples and did not open a school of perfect theology and its adepts. Grace that is not active is illusion; only discipleship in our everyday life can justify our dogmatics in the face of the world… Page 60


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