God and his creatures

What is the nature of the relationship between the rule of God and the operations of His creatures? It is true that he directs them all to one goal and subordinates them to His operation. It is also true that He does not suppress them in their distinctiveness over against His own operation, but affirms and honors them. KBCD III/3 p. 185

Well, I have been reading this section of Barth and he seems to dance around the subject of evil. My feeling is that Barth is not ignoring it, but is reframing the question to in a way that the creatures create the evil, but, no matter what, cannot subvert the Will of God. The question is not: “why is there evil in the world” rather, “why is there any good in the world”. Framing the question: “why is there evil in the world”, supposes that there once was a golden age as found in the garden of Eden that was pure and good and no evil was present. Barth does not believe this, but that is a topic for another time.


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