Why read Barth?

I suppose that no theologian will find everything Barth says to his or her taste. But this is hardly a reason to neglect Barth: I know of no single theologian with who, I agree on every single theological matter-and I do not suppose myself to be unusual in this regard. if Barth were dismissive of the authority of Scripture or the importance of the tradition in his doctrine of creation, there might be good reason for being wary of what says on creation. But this is hardly the case. What Barth offers is a biblically informed and theologically robust doctrine of creation in which those who align themselves with classic Reformed, or more broadly, evangelical, theology will continue to find a rich seam of ideas and careful reflection- even if, in the final analysis, one has to disagree with him in a number of important areas. And that, I suggest, is surely reason to engage with Barth.

From the essay, “Karl Barth on Creation”, by Oliver D, Crisp. From the book, “Karl Barth and Evangelical Theology”, edited by Sung Wook Chung.

Good advice, not only for Barth. That you may disagree with someone is no reason not to read. You may find common ground, or you may find that you can articulate your position in a clearer way.


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