Human fallibility

“It is to be noted that it belongs to this knowledge of God’s providence by faith that although it refers to the infallible Word of God it is human and, as such, a fallible knowlwdge.”

“He might have such a misunderstanding what God really said to him.”

KBCD III/3 p.25

Several things come to mind.  First, there are a number of people, both currently alive or recently deceased, that have claimed they know when the world will end or Jesus will return (they seem to place those two together) or that the Bible must be interpreted in a certain way.  They obviously have misunderstood what God has said to them.  In the first case, the world is still here and Jesus has not returned.  In the second case, science is telling us something different.

Second, there are those people who like to spout off their interpretation of scripture. I can think of one mega church preacher down south who rewrote the 10 Commandments because he said the Lord told him to.  People, consult with 2000 years of church history and doctrine before you open your mouth and spew forth foolishness.  It will serve to check your stupidity.


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